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Vernon beautifully captures the Old Heber Mill in this old time classic. The original building was located on the corner of Mill Road and Center Street in Heber. Neighborhoods now occupy what use to be the Old Mill and Mill Pond. Vernon, and many locals in the valley, have fond memories of swimming near the Mill during the summer time. The Mill created flour out of the wheat grown by the valley farmers. Vernon remembers being in the mill while it was still in operation. 

The Old Mill

SKU: Murdock 1 R
  • Hand painted artwork by Vernon Murdock provided as a canvas copy. Printed with Giclee Ink. (150 year high quality ink) Choose size at purchase. Size of original painting is 48" x 30". Copyright held by Vernon Murdock. Creating copies or altering artwork in any way is prohibited. For recommendations or info on mounting and frames, please contact

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