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Park City was originally a booming mining town. Many were drawn to the area to mine silver. When the price of silver fell in 1932, the mine operations came to a stop. Park City became a ghost town. The mine was opened back up during WWII and then shut down after the war ended. This painting was inspired by the 1932 shut down of the mines. At the time you could buy any house and the land it was on for $150. Many years later, Park City would become, as we know it today, world renown for its recreation. Vernon remembers when the first ski lifts were opened up in Park City. He recalls his friend saying, "they won't be able to make money off of skiing!"  

Old Town Park City

SKU: Murdock 26
  • Hand painted artwork by Vernon Murdock provided as a canvas copy. Printed with Giclee Ink. (150 year high quality ink) Choose size at purchase. Size of original painting is 30" x 25". Copyright held by Vernon Murdock. Creating copies or altering artwork in any way is prohibited. For recommendations or info on mounting and frames, please contact

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