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Book Description by Vernon Murdock:


The reason behind this work is to express my thoughts and beliefts concerning our relationship to God and why things happen to us the way they do. I am writing especially to my children and grandchildren with the hope that this view of the history of God's dealings with his children will give them a better understanding of the true nature of God, which in turn, will give them a better understanding of who they really are, and what they are really worth.


I don't claim to be a writer or a scholar, which will become very apparent as you study these pages. So here it is with all its warts and freckles. Nevertheless, you will see that this a very different kind of book. I hope that you will feel as if you are present in and feel the spirit of each of the time periods we cover. And in doing this, will begin to better understand God's time table and his hand in the affairs of man. After all, how does any loving father treat his children?

Because He Loves Us

SKU: MurdockB1
  • One of Vernon Murdocks original books. All illustrations and text are Vernon Murdocks creations.  The book is 227 pages long with a hardback cover. Book Dimensions are 9" x 11". Copyright held by Vernon Murdock. Creating copies or altering artwork in any way is prohibited. 

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